• How Does The Payment Plan Work?

    Payments can be made monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. Payment arrangements are made at the time of registration.

  • What Is Included In The Tuition?

    National Exam, Textbooks, Supplies (All Programs), and Uniforms.

  • Where Will I Take My National Exam?

    All National Exams will be administered at MCR.

  • Will I Receive A Certification After I Complete A Program?

    Yes, all of our programs are licensed, and you will receive a National Certification from licensing agency.

  • Is Medical Careers Readiness Accredited?

    We are pending approved licensed through NC Community College however they are not an accreditation agency. MCR programs are licensed by NHA (National Healthcare Association) & NPA (National Phlebotomy Association). ...

  • What Are The Qualifications To Enroll In The Program?

    The student must be at least 18 years of age and have a High School Diploma or GED.

  • What Are The Class Sizes?

    We try not to have more than 10 students in a class so that the instructors are able to work with each student.

  • How Long Are The CPR Classes?

    CPR classes range from 3-4 hours depending on the class.

  • What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

    We accept cash, check, credit, or money orders.

  • When Does The Registration Fee Have To Be Paid By?

    One week after registration.

  • Do You Accept Payments From Government Agencies?

    We do accept students from Health Department, NC Works, and other government agencies.

  • Do You Offer Financial Aid?

    No, we are not licensed with the Department of Education. We offer payment plans.

  • Can I Claim My Training On My Taxes?

    We do not give out W2 for training, we are not licensed with the Department of Education.