About Us

Medical Careers Readiness of North Carolina (MCR) was established in December 2018. MCR Primary focused areas are Vance County, Warren, Franklinton, and Granville county regions. These counties have been known as socially and economically disadvantaged. According to the U. S Census Bureau, Approximately 28% of Vance County residents lived below the federal poverty level. The percentage of Vance County residents living in poverty was approximately 60% higher than statewide (17.5%). The percentage of individuals living in poverty was highest in Henderson, Southern Oxford, and Butner. Based on these statistics Medical Careers understand there is a current need to promote self-sufficiency to all people including low- and moderate-income level families through specialized training programs that offer career development and sustainability. Our mission is to provide opportunity, education, and support within our community.


Qualified Educators | The purpose of our instructors being qualified educators is to support the academic achievement of our students by assuring that our educators are professionally qualified for highly effective instruction. Educators include classroom teachers, school administrators, and other support professionals.